Ap. Abbycollins Lukeera

At the age of 19, Abbycollins Lukeera embraced a divine calling to ministry, responding to the beckoning of God to proclaim the gospel and share the boundless love of Jesus Christ. His journey has taken him across continents, traversing Africa, Europe, America, and Asia, as he passionately delivers the message of hope and salvation to those who seek it. The undeniable touch of God has manifested in miraculous healings, bringing profound transformation to the lives of countless individuals.

In his dedicated service to the Wonders Christian Centre, Abbycollins is joined by his life partner, Violet Lukeera. Together, they stand as pillars of faith, contributing their unwavering commitment to the ministry. The couple serves the community with a shared vision, creating an atmosphere where spiritual growth and divine encounters flourish.

Family holds a significant place in Abbycollins’s life, and he shares the joys and responsibilities of family life with his beloved wife, Violet. Their union is blessed with four beautiful daughters – Krystiana, Tabitha, Abigail, and Jackie. The Lukeera family stands as a testament to the grace and blessings that come from a life dedicated to both faith and family.

Through Abbycollins Lukeera’s profound calling and global ministry, the transformative power of God’s love continues to touch lives, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those he encounters.