Our Objectives

Specific Objectives

  • To provide a free short/long term home for vulnerable children where they play, grow and enjoy their childhood.
  • To protect and promote the welfare of these children and nurture their overall growth, and development including their spiritual, physical, social and intellectual needs.
  • To practically preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through love and care.

    Target Audience

Although the home was originally meant to support children aged 2 years – 20 years, it also supports single/ teenage mothers on short term basis who do not have a place to stay. Conscious to note is the fact due to poverty, our community has a huge number of teenage mothers. These were forced to drop out of school due to poverty and forced into early marriages.

Services Provided

Physical and basic care, including

  • Provision of accommodation within the available resources of the home to facilitate individual care, supervision and closer relationship among residents.
  • Meals
  • Education and health
  • Arranging appropriate and basic clothing, bedding and play items.
  • Arranging and escorting children to activities or functions appropriate to their age and needs